BMW F90 M5,M8 Aluminum Intakes


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We have tested a handful of intakes for the F90 platform, and ultimately came to a conclusion that they suck.

Not only did they fail stress tests, but they also failed water and daily driving tests.

Most Silicon intakes do compress under pressure and with the immense power of the 4.4l TTV8 you can only imagine how much power you are losing when you have a full silicon intake set up.

We developed the perfect balance of aluminum to silicon. 

Aluminum is strategically placed where the weak points of a silicon intake would be.

NO failed compression tests, and the aluminum maintains a 3" Diameter no matter what power you make.

BONUS, Since we chose aluminum over stainless,or cheap alloys we are able to dissipate heat 50% better than competition.

We all want a cold air intake,and an intake that actually works soo...

if you are looking for an easy way to increase your car's horsepower, increase horsepower, turbo sound, and decrease turbo spool time then what are you waiting for.

Order now before stock runs out.

Ships out of Houston, Texas

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